We are passionate community developers - doers, designers, organizers - facilitating community-based solutions for more equitable, beautiful, and inclusive spaces.


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What We Do

Good work. Plain and simple. We work with nonprofits and others to create smart projects, plans, programming or support structures which are inclusive in nature. We are strategic and thoughtful and believe that limited resources means one thing: in any given project you need to accomplish multiple goals which will serve multiple purposes. We refer to it as our 5 birds, one stone approach.



The thing we all know is that everything is interconnected. Your strategic planning is tied to your mission which is tied to your programs which is tied to your team and your partners. Where do you start? What will sustain you all through to implementing a solid vision that supports your team, your partners, your community? Each organization is unique. And it is usually the people who are most deeply engaged who have the answers. We'll help you collect them, see how they fit together, make sure they're sustainable and aligned.


project management

We get it. It starts with a great concept and then things can get messy when you just need to make it work. A fresh pair of eyes can make a world of difference! We understand that projects take time and inclusion of the right internal and external partners in a highly communicative, transparent, and organized way. We like to check things off lists and believe in setting goals and deadlines from the outset. We use technology to track, communicate, document, and increase transparency and collaboration among our team and yours.



Whether it's partnership development, program development, or straight up fundraising, we consider them to all be interconnected. A good idea, implemented and communicated well, will often attract partners and support naturally. So, whether it's a matter of packaging and communicating your idea to the right team, or helping you build out your idea to leverage the most of what you and your partners can offer, we'll help you through it, and leave you with a set of building blocks that can be replicated and re-purposed as needed.

Our Team

We met working in the community development field, where we quickly discovered our shared desire to shift the status quo and support lasting, equitable change within communities. We can't wait to join you in your next big leap, whether it's designing something new, or helping you hone and re-strategize for maximum impact.



Shanta is a dot-connector who transforms organizations and partnerships. Her 11+ years of experience building nationally-recognized community development models focused on activating underutilized spaces in creative and surprising ways, and developing momentum and interest in geographic areas that had seen devastating disinvestment. Her network throughout the creative place-making, civic and social enterprise, and government/nonprofit sectors have led to unique mutually-beneficial partnerships. Shanta’s skills in grant-writing and management, strategic planning, and project management bring a depth of value to her clients.


joanna winchester

Joanna is a creative community & economic development nerd. Over 10+ years, she has developed a multi-faceted skill set that includes creative placemaking, project management, strategic planning, coaching & facilitation, and property management & real estate. She is a “systems” person, who has worked across a wide range of sectors to help small & startup businesses, nonprofits, and developers create their game plan and get their supportive processes in order to increase their capacity. Joanna has worked to design and implement programs with an eye toward meaningful stakeholder engagement for both short- and long-term practical impact.


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